what is the Creative City Road Map?

The Creative City Road Map planning process is a year-long process that will result in the Creative City Road Map, a 10 year vision of the city’s arts, culture and the creative economy. The Road Map will define a vision for the future of arts, culture and creative economy development in the city of Minneapolis.

Creative City Road Map planning process mission:

Minneapolis ranks high among peer cities in many creative economy measures, but are all Minneapolitans experiencing that abundance? The mission of the Creative City Road Map planning process is to surface the present creative identity of Minneapolis and vision a future where all Minneapolitans can access and benefit from its creative economy.

“Cultural planning is a process of inclusive community consultation and decision-making that helps local government identify cultural resources and think strategically about how these resources can help a community to achieve its civic goals.”

(Cultural Planning Toolkit: A Partnership between 2010 Legacies Now & Creative City Network of Canada, 2010)