Creative City Road Map June e-update

The Creative City Road Map planning process is helping us think strategically about how the city’s arts and creative assets can contribute to the local and regional economy and improve Minneapolis’ quality of life. Find the planning process mission here.

We’re thinking about geometry: June is about triangles

Yes, we’re tri-an-gu-lating folks! What does that mean you ask? It’s a fancy way of saying we’re approaching our planning process from a variety of perspectives. We’ll talk about three types of triangulation below: methodological, investigator, and data. More research speak for the jargon junkies below and find a complete list of jargon here.

Methodological triangulation (phew, that’s a mouthful!)

This means we collected data in a variety of ways in our planning process. Learn more about the different data sources from our community engagement efforts here, including the survey, “what is your creative Minneapolis?” cards, and the community mural. Our work group members also offer valuable data as they bring their perspectives of working in arts and culture in Minneapolis. Find more information about the recent May work group meeting here

The Artist Engagement Teams crash Open Streets
Work group members ponder data. Photo credit: bfreshproductions

Investigator triangulation or “it takes more than one person to screw in a light bulb!”

We not only collected data from multiple data sources, we looked at the data through multiple perspectives, including hiring Voices for Racial Justice, holding Data Jams, and expanding our Staff Data Team. Find more information about how we’re using investigator triangulation here.

Data Jam with work group members at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota.
The staff data team: Abdiwahab Ali, Rachel Engh, and Ravi Reddi.

Data and data and data, OH MY! Yes, its data triangulation

We’re comparing data collected during the planning process against other research to check our findings for consistency, noting where others have seen the same results and paying attention to what this might mean.

At our May work group meeting, we presented our draft goals and objectives. Under each goal in the Creative City Road Map, we’ll give a snapshot of where we currently stand with this goal: what’s going well and where there is room for improvement. We’ll develop the snapshots from a variety of data sources, practicing data triangulation! We’re most interested in the intersections among data sources that shed light on particular goals or objectives. Here’s an example of data triangulation:

Goal: Local artists and creative practitioners thrive with access to resources and opportunities

In the next couple of months, we’ll practice tons of data triangulation in order to tell the story of the current state of arts and culture in Minneapolis. Stay tuned for more!

Coming up next

Join us

July 17, Coffee Talk with Gulgun Kayim, 9-10:30 a.m., Café Southside, 3405 Chicago Ave. S.: Join Gulgun Kayim, Director of the Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program, for her community office hours every third Friday of the month at Café Southside.


July 30, system partners and organizations meeting (this is not a public event)

Power Gathering

In January, the Creative City Road Map visited Intermedia Arts again, this time for a “Power Gathering”.  This gathering brought together a cross section of people from the community. Particularly students who are artists or interested in using art as a tool of social justice expression. The time allowed for people to talk about art as a radical action and that in itself was exciting as it relates to the Creative City Road Map project. A big take away was the conversations around  creating a sustainable artistic response to injustice. The Creative City Road Map comes at an interesting time as the Million Artist movement emerges which has also created a platform for creative thinkers to discuss the political, social and economic forces that shape our cities.

The Creative City Road Map rides public transportation!

City Mpls - road map

For the months of January and February, keep an eye out for Your Creative Minneapolis on buses and LRT in and around the city of Minneapolis!

We hope to reach an even wider audience with this community engagement effort about the plan and engage a wider voice in the process.

And don’t forget to tell us what you think! Just a few more weeks to take the Creative City Road Map survey — visits this link to take the survey:


And thanks to graphic designer, Witt Siasoco, for his excellent design of the transit cards!

The Creative Vitality Index 2014 Update is Live!


The first annual update of the MINNEAPOLIS

CREATIVE VITALITY INDEX  (CVI) data, which debuted last

year in The Minneapolis Creative Index 2013  report, is live! The

CVI data provides one way of measuring the impact of

the creative sector by looking at the region’s share of

creative jobs, arts spending, and creative for-prot

and nonprot organizations. It helps us track annual

changes in the economic health of highly creative

industries and occupations. Next year, the Arts,

Culture and the Creative Economy program will

release a full report containing case studies and

updates for 2015. We hope this year‘s snapshot of

Minneapolis’ creative sector will inform the city of

current successes and opportunities in the creative

sector, highlight some new information about the

creative economy, and whet your appetite for our full

update next year.

You can download a pdf of the CVI 2014 Update here!


Reflecting Back on 2014 Engagements at Pillsbury and Intermedia

In November, the artist engagement team brought the Creative City Road Map to Pillsbury House & Theater for Late Nite and Intermedia Arts for Blacker the Berry.

Acce Sol at Blacker the Berry

These were busy nights for the Twin Cities and the planning process. The artist engagements were well attended and people were more than happy to hear about the Creative City Road Map. At Intermedia we had poetic expression cards for them to respond to word prompts about their community, neighborhood and city. The Late Nite audience engaged with darts and a pin up board asking them to place their earned money onto an allocated artistic genre such as Literary, Music, Visual Arts or Theater. Most of the money went to Visual arts and Theater 70%. But about 20% went to other including lots of different responses from street art to community center programs.

Acce Late Nite

The engagements also included people open to filling out the survey and talking about the project. The event had food early so it was good to talk to people about the reach of the arts in Minneapolis over food and good art. Some filled out the cards with designs about what their creative Minneapolis looks like while others filled out a survey. The chocolate incentive and cute colored pencils where a great touch – they made people open up to coming over for a chat and then want to fill out the survey.


Burn It Down

Nov 14 Burn It down - Sol

Over 75 people attended the BURN IT DOWN: Burn Something Zine Open Mic & Celebration on November 14 at The Exchange.  BURN IT DOWN is a queer-inclusive & community-owned alternative media space focused on amplifying the voices of women of color.

Nov 14 Burn It down - Ivoire

Many talented poets performed original pieces and guests were invited to participate with local artists Ivoire Foreman and Jordan Hamilton in mural-making while DJ Keezy spun the tunes to keep people dancing.  Everyone who completed a Creative City Road Map survey received free food provided by Cafe Southside and Chiang Mai Thai.  Thanks to all for coming out and celebrating our creative city!


Nov 14 Burn It down - Jordan

Creative City Road Map at Honey on November 12

Nov 12 Honey - Chrys

Thanks to all who joined us on November 12 at Honey for Creative City: Art, Hors d’oeuvres & DANCING! Guests were invited to participate with local artists Katrina Knutson and Joy Spika in mural-making while enjoying performances on the mic and onstage by poet Nicole Smith, singer Elena Aerialista and her band,  and rapper Spawn (Derek Turner).

Nov 12 Honey - Joy

DJ Stage One kept the crowd moving on the 1’s and 2’s with a special tribute to Heavy D and Sugarhill Gang’s Big Bank Hank. Some even bore witness to Keegan Xavi’s first and last public beatboxing performance! We discussed the potential of the arts to fuel Minneapolis culturally, creatively and economically and everyone who completed a Creative City Road Map survey received free food provided by Ginger Hop. Thanks again for coming out and celebrating our creative city!Nov 12 Honey - Nicole 2

Launch Week Open House at Pillsbury House and Theater — A Success!

Creative City Road Map Artist Chrys Carroll reflects on the final event of the planning process launch week: 9R8A7110_re

The Pillsbury house hosted a talk by Ann Markusen on creative placemaking for the final day of the launch. Over the course of the evening we had creative engagement with the community. The evening began with stilt walkers and music outside offering an invitation to come in and help imagine our city.


Inside the lobby the guests were greeted by food from Gandhi Mahal and encouraged help imagine the city they love, with artist Katrina Knutson, and Jordan Hamilton by creating a mural painting and collage. All of this culminated in a talk on creative placemaking by Ann Markusen. After the talk the community moved out into the lobby for more painting and music. We had surveys in hand and we began the task of getting our surveys out to the public. The event went well and our community turn out was good. I’m excited by the possibilities of building this creative road map for the city. All in all the evening was a success.


Photos by BFresh Productions