Creative City Road Map March e-update

The Creative City Road Map planning process is helping us think strategically about how the city’s arts and creative assets can contribute to the local and regional economy and improve Minneapolis’ quality of life. Find the planning process mission here.

Think spring, think data crunching time

Before we talk data we thought we’d do some unpacking. The world of evaluation is full of jargon. Here is a glossary of terms to help you navigate:

*Find the City of Minneapolis definition of racial equity here.

Collecting community data

We gathered qualitative and quantitative data in order to capture a picture of our local creative community and help us answer our plan questions. We did this in the following ways:

Clockwise from upper left: Artist Engagement Teams gather information at Open Streets. Community mural painting at Honey. Collecting information through “what is your creative Minneapolis?” cards.


A BIG thank you to everyone who completed the survey online or through creative engagements. We received 2,203 responses! The survey was developed to help answer some key planning questions surfaced by the Artist Engagement and Staff Teams.


The Artist Engagement Teams gathered data through conversations with community members.

What is your creative Minneapolis?

The Artist Engagement Teams developed this question to capture personal stories, feelings and perspectives on multiple creative realities in Minneapolis.

Community mural and drawings

Some of you may have painted or drawn an image. The Artist Engagement Teams developed these methods to capture personal feelings and images of a creative Minneapolis.

Big shout out to the Artist Engagement Teams

The Artist Engagement Teams (Keegan Xavi, Chrys Carroll, E.G. Bailey, and Sha Cage) took the paper survey out into the community. They piggybacked on existing events, offering surveys at locations such as Intermedia Arts, the Playwrights’ Center, the American Indian Center, and Pillsbury House + Theatre.

They also collected information through Hip Hop Caroling, community mural painting, one-on-one conversations, games, and prompting people to imagine their creative Minneapolis in words or drawings.

We’re jammin’!

Now that we’ve collected tons of data, it’s time to analyze! This is an iterative process that, to be successful, should involve many different perspectives. To continue weaving racial equity throughout the Creative City Road Map planning process, we’re bringing different perspectives into the data analysis kitchen including:

  • The newest members of our staff data team, Abdiwahab Ali and Ravi Reddi, Result Management Fellows at the City of Minneapolis;

The staff data team: Abdiwahab Ali, Rachel Engh, and Ravi Reddi.
  • The Artists Engagement Teams; and

Data Jam with the Artist Engagement Teams at Third Place Gallery
  • Work group members who geek out on data

Data Jam with work group members at the Weaver’s Guild of Minnesota

Coming up next

Apr. 15, Data Update, 5:30 p.m., City Hall, 350 S. 5th St., room 319.: You’re invited to hear about some of the data analysis and research we’ve done so far. Meeting hosted by the Minneapolis Arts Commission.

Apr. 17, Coffee Talk with Gulgun Kayim, 9-10:30 a.m., Café Southside, 3405 Chicago Ave. S.: Join Gulgun Kayim, Director of the Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program, for her community office hours every third Friday of the month at Café Southside. The next Coffee Talk is Apr. 17.

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