Open Streets: Artist-led Engagement First Days On the Streets

Sha Cage and E.G. Bailey share their reflections on their first on-street engagements at Open Streets Minneapolis.  They used a variety of engagement tools, including a dry erase board asking people to draw or write in response to the following prompt,  “A creative Minneapolis looks like this:”  See some responses in the photos below.
“Open Streets Nicollet  was our first engagement activity so we were excited to get out there but honestly didn’t know what to expect. Were people going to want to talk to us, were folks going to be honest, did we have all the right tools, etc? We quickly got a rhythm and realized that people were appreciative of the effort to gauge their voice. They wanted to talk and they wanted someone to listen.”
“For Open Streets Lowry, it  was just amazing to be in wide open space on such a beautiful day with such a great turn out of families, kids, and community members. There was a good amount of curiosity about the Creative Minneapolis campaign and a number of people who were willing to stop and talk art ideas, outreach, and accessibility. This was affirming. It felt good to meet the people where they live!”

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