September Creative City Road Map update

We made it to a big milestone…

Last Thursday was exactly one year since we publicly kicked off the Creative City Road Map planning process. We celebrated by having an Open House at Public Functionary to unveil the draft Road Map and visually display the work we have completed in a year.

Photo credit: bfreshproductions

Artful engagement

Local graphic artist, Ashley Fairbanks, designed key elements from the draft Road Map into a beautiful exhibit and Artist Engagement Teams made work that augmented the exhibit panels. Keegan Xavi and Chrys Carroll created lanterns that featured Road Map objectives and Sha Cage and E.G. Bailey assembled images from the entire planning process to date, which showed all the activity that’s happened since the open houses last September.

In addition to the visual excitement in Public Functionary, we also had musician Viviana Pintado and catering from Appetite for Change’s Breaking Bread Café and Cupcake that added great energy to the space.

Photo credit: bfreshproductions

Collecting feedback

At the Open House, we asked people to read through the exhibit, which included our draft goals and objectives, and give us feedback on the draft Road Map by answering four questions:

  • What excites you?
  • What would you like to see changed?
  • What bright ideas do you have for how to move this vision forward?
  • What questions do you have?

This feedback will inform the final Road Map document and plan implementation.

Photo credit: bfreshproductions

We’re taking it on the road

We’re excited to bring the Road Map exhibit to four other locations to serve underserved communities, including Midtown Global Market, University of Minnesota Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center (UROC), and Brian Coyle Center, over the next 45 days. In addition to the exhibit, our Artist Engagement Teams will be hosting Loop Back events, which will include listening circles, performances, and a radio show! Check our website for more details about the traveling exhibit and Loop Back events.

Find us online, too!

Can’t make it to the traveling exhibit? Find the draft Road Map online!

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