Spoken word artist A Comeaux brings data to life

9R8A6505“We got people that want to do the art right in their city but they don’t even know the same group of people all the way on the other side want to do it, too. How can we collectively let them know you’re welcome here? Your skin might not look like mine but you’re my brother anyway.”

Spoken word artist A Comeaux lit up the Creative City Road Map work group meeting on May 14. A Comeaux was commissioned to create two pieces using answers to survey questions: “ what is your favorite place in Minneapolis and why?” and “in what ways can the City of Minneapolis help you advance your artistic, design or creative practice?” Through her performances, A Comeaux vibrantly brought the data to life, providing a creative way for work group members to be immersed in the data. View one of A Comeaux’s pieces from May 14 here.

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